As the son of a dental surgeon, Robert Hitchcock grew up in an affluent Maryland neighborhood. Like many actors, he didn't start out with any intention of being an actor but it eventually worked that way. In the mid-1960s, Hitchcock began work as a screen extra in a career that lasted over 20 years. Starting in the mid-1960s, Hitchcock's biggest asset was his prematurely white hair. It helped him gain several roles that required a mature but good looking businessman. In one such role, Hitchcock played a date that Lucille Ball thought she was about to go on a blind date with but to her great disappointment, Hitchcock walks by her. These were the types of roles the Hitchcock excelled in. Hitchcock's white hair also served another purpose, he became one of the regular stand-ins for various guest stars because you could dye his hair any color that would match the guest stars. This lead to even more work on shows like Bonanza where he stood in for Gerald Mohr and various appearances on se

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