David Bertucci was born and raised in Highland Park Illinois to Bruce and Patricia Bertucci. He is the grandson of Bruno and Lena Bertucci and Patrick and Paulina Moroney, and great grandson to Edward J. Moroney the Highland Park, Illinois Chief of Police. He is also the great nephew of William Henning, the Highland Park, Illinois Chief of the Fire Department. While growing up, David played football, and was active in the school theatre. He also liked to doing daring things in his neighborhood(his parents hated it), but it made David feel alive. When David was 21, he decided to take his daring ability, and go to Kim Kahana's Stunt School in Orlando, Florida. In 2 years, he learned the in's, and outs of how to do stunt work in the film industry. David got a job at the famous Walt Disney World's "Wild, Wild, Wild West Show in Frontier Land" in Disney main park, playing "Bronco Billy" Things started progressing from there. USA cable network shows were being shot in Orlando FL , so he

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