Paula Méndez Pérez (Oviedo, Asturias, August 16) is a Spanish actress and model. After finishing her Bachelor degree in Physical Education, and concluded her education at the Royal Ballet Academy of Dance in Oviedo, she moved to Madrid to continue her artistic training. Once installed in the capital, she began her drama classes at the Madrid Film Institute, and participated on some plays at several playhouses around Madrid. She is featured on the film "Luz de Domingo" by the Director Jose Luis Garci and several short films. Later on she participates as special guest in hit TV series such as "Los hombres de Paco" (Paco's Men) by Antena 3, "Aida" by Telecinco, "Physics and Chemistry" by Antenna 3, "Red Eagle" by TVE and "Cita a ciegas" by Channel Four. As a model, she appeared and performed in multiple advertising campaigns and fashion catalogs for brands such as Agent Provocateur, Clean & Clear, Nivea, Mario Valentino, Women's Secret and Venca. Paula Mendez was also cast on leading

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