Christon Blue was born Christopher Baskerville, he is an American Actor born June 11, 1958 3rd of 4 children to parents Robert & Barbara Baskerville in Compton Califonia where they lived until 1962, when the family moved to Dominquez Hills, California which was renamed Carson California in a neighborhood called Centerview. the neighborhood where Brandy & Ray J Norwood (R&B Singers),Gus Loundermon (The Bus Boys) Lyn "Red" Williams (American Gladiator),Wayne Simpson Pitcher for the (Cincinnati Reds)reside. Christopher has a talent for billiards which he started playing when he was 10 years old, he and his partner were kicked out of local pool halls for hustling. He began working as a painter with his neighbor and brother at age 15 He also lived in Sacramento, California and Las Vegas, Nevada as an adult, but came back to his roots in Southern California. Christopher worked as Journeyman Painter until 2007 the day a family friend invited him to work on a commercial, from that day he was b

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