Nishi Munshi has been an Actress, Singer, Musician and Choreographer/Dancer in the entertainment industry for 15 years. Her family traveled and performed in a music band throughout her childhood around the USA and in other countries. Growing up on stage, she has performed in over 1,000 live-stage shows singing, drumming, and dancing. She practiced Mixed Martial Arts and Tae Kwon Do which helped her land her first gig on an Indian feature film 'My Name is Khan'. Over the years, her credits in acting and music include working with: NBC, CBS, USA Network, FOX, Warner Bros., and Lifetime. Some of her fan favorite roles have been on 'Jane the Virgin', Gia on 'The Originals', 'Pretty Little Liars', and Erica Malick on FOX's 'Lethal Weapon'. She's enjoying working on her fourth video game with previous fan favorites as Devi in 'The Order 1886' and Rikki Patil in 'Days Gone' under Sony Playstation. In her independent film experience, her production team was able to sell their first feature fil

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