Russell Geoffrey Banks was born and raised in England. From a young age, Russell was fascinated with movies he recalls how his father would leave VHS tapes recording on the movie channels. Then every time he saw him would give him a box of potluck tapes to watch. Russell was expelled from school at the age of fifteen he worked numerous different jobs from being a market trader to working in call center's to a barman in nightclubs to construction worker to name just a few. He would attend acting classes whenever he could afford to and would write screenplays in his spare time. He went on a holiday to Thailand where he met people who worked in film and decided by doing stand in jobs on u.s productions was his best option to learn about film and acting. For the next few Years, he did small acting jobs and extra to get by while standing in and learning from actors such as Bradley Cooper, Neil McDonagh, James Vander Beek, Chow Yun-fat. When he returned to the UK he studied Method Acting und

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