Steve Corona is a film & TV character actor who loves playing roles in a variety of genres (from comedy to zombie) and periods (from the Wild West to early 1900's to 1990's and the present). In Steve's first film role (Hamlet 2), he played a redneck wire works rigger. After that, Steve played an artist (Georgia O'Keeffe), an orderly (Breaking Bad), sinister prospector (The Lone Ranger), desk sergeant (Interrogation), and a Las Vegas newlywed (Army of the Dead). Steve is also a dialect coach (pre-production, on-set, and post ADR). He has coached accents from around the world (General American, German, Irish, Russian, Texan, Pakistani, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, Hungarian, and many more!). Some of Steve's clients include: Helen Mirren (Love Ranch), Gerard Butler (Gamer), Jason Isaacs (Dig), Joel Smallbone (Priceless), Amber Midthunder (Priceless).