Nikki was raised on the beautiful King's River near the Sequoias and her dream is to live on the water! She had a near death experience at 17 years young, passed away and came back to life. She was told by Harbor UCLA she most likely had an "absence" or narcolepsy sleep attack. She continued to encounter multiple head injuries while living in the Los Angeles area, and she was tired of getting rear ended. She acted like she was fine, but she has been struggling since Meningitis Spring 1995. With TBI history, and trying to keep her facade on at all times and keep it positive, she decided it was time to produce her story and capture it on film. She joined Sag right when she moved to Los Angeles. She is extremely passionate about music, film, and dance. Since Meningitis, she was unable to memorize anything and could not study. Her best subjects were math, french, computer science, science, especially chemistry, and music. She accompanied her choir on the piano and at her high school g

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