Perhaps best known later in his career as an independent film producer, Kevin Carvell found his start in the business through a small chance television appearance as a child. After several years and a few stints both in front of and behind the camera, he went on to launch a media development company that among other things, offered additional production and promotional services to the film, television, music, and video game industries. Often tackling risky or struggling projects, his distinct approach not only garnered him and his company a few awards along the way, but also some public notoriety as he became a kind of liaison between the fans, studios, and networks. He'd also go on to champion several struggling fan-favorite but low-rated series, as well as aiding in the home video release of a number of titles. Over the years, he's also used this attention and his resources to lend support to numerous animal welfare organizations, veterans groups, community organizations, the indepen

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