Chris Ranney is a consummate actor of over forty years and a dedicated producer who has worked on over 300 films, TV shows and radio productions. After a ten-year career of managing multi-million dollar construction projects for the Air Force and US Government, Chris decided to leave construction and follow his dream of acting full time. After acting in Film and TV for a few years, Chris started Producing and Line Producing. The lessons and challenges that came with running construction projects coincided with the knowledge needed for Producing and budgeting Film Projects. Chris started his Film and TV career in 2006 and has Produced / Line Produced over 25 films and has also appeared in films such as "Justice" starring Stephen Lang, the big Indie hit, "Priceless", "$5 a Day" starring Christopher Walken and Sharon Stone; "Fright Night (2011)" starring Colin Farrell and David Tennant; and "La Vida Robot" starring George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis, just to name a few. Chris has also ha

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