Nathan Witte, originally from Calgary, Alberta began his career in entertainment as a young boy in family home videos and hasn't looked back since. He has always enjoyed making people around him laugh so it came as no surprise to those who knew him that he would make a career of being in front of the camera. At 17, Nathan started working in whatever capacity he could in the industry, which like most, led him to background parts and stand-in work for local TV shows and films. Being a part of professional sets and watching A-list stars work was a great source of inspiration for him. In 2007 his talents and aspirations brought him to Vancouver where he immediately found success booking roles on films Finder of Lost Children (2009) and Gutterballs (2008), and a prominent Guest Star role on the TV show The Assistants (2009). Since then Nathan has continued to work regularly appearing on episodes of Smallville (2001), Supernatural (2005), Hellcats (2010), Arctic Air (2012), Arrow (2012), Rog

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