Javad Ezzati (born 10 January 1982 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian film, theater and television actor and graduate of Soura Conservatory. He has entered the world of acting professionally since 1996. Ezzati first started his career in theater and then in 2002 he played his first TV work. movie "wing mirror", directed by Manouchehr Hadi and starring Javad Ezzati in 2017, managed to sell 1.2 billion Tomans in its first three days of sales, along with the sale of the movie "Oxidan" , turned Javad Ezzati into the best-selling actor in Iran in 2017.Along with Reza Attaran in the film "Hazarpa" directed by Abolhassan Davoodi, he was able to significantly increase the sales record of the film in Iran. He is married to Mahlagha Bagheri , a film, theater and television actress, in 2006. He co-starred with his wife in the movies "wing mirror" and "Butterfly Stroke" , and the series "The Great Troubles 2" and "Baaghe Mozaffar" .