John's first paid acting job was in 1982 when he was cast as the supermarket manager in a Wynn-Dixie commercial. More significantly that year, he met the future Mrs. Luder at St. Monica's Church on Good Friday. That Fall, he returned to university to complete his B.A. in History, then law school for a Juris Doctor degree, followed by 30 years as a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. In 1994, John met Peter Sherayko, who played Texas Jack, and who had organized the cowboy acting troupe known as 'The Buckaroos' for the classic western Tombstone (1993). John joined The Buckaroos and commercials, TV series, and movies followed, in between conducting hearings and trials, of course. Filming in late 2012, John's character-actor looks and classic white moustache led to John Lee Hancock tapping him to be Colin Farrell's disapproving neighbor in Saving Mr. Banks (2013).