Tyler Lee Allen discovered the meaning of passion within film and storytelling. He grew up with the arts, and dedicated every evening to studying the works of director's Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Tim Burton, among countless others. Filled with a desire for success, and fueled by creativity, as well as determination, he knew that directing would be his life's path. After directing several short films and spots at the age of seventeen, Allen was accepted into Full Sail University, the premiere film institution in Winter Park, FL. There, he was able to grow as a student of film, but was also set forth to begin finding his voice. Degree in hand, he graduated in 2005 from Full Sail's Film and Television program, and was awarded the top honor of course director's award in screenwriting. It wasn't long after this that he was noticed, and given the green light to turn his first feature film script, co-written and produced by Ellis Wilder, into a movie. Allen's feature directoria

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