Ricardo Andres After 23 years of Naval service, he retired in 1991 as a highly decorated Senior Chief Gunners Mate (E-8), Surface Warfare and Riverine and Coastal Warfare Specialist. While on active duty, Ricardo spent much of his time touring the world as posting to various at sea and shore assignments allowed. This made him culturally diverse as compared to his actor counterparts. While on active duty, he received a Bachelors Degree in Technical Education from National University. After retirement, he went on to get his Masters in Education from SDSU. He used his education to teach High School NJROTC and Continuing Education at the University of New Mexico. Ricardo is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. In 2010, Ricardo can be seen in The Avengers,On the Road, Breaking BAd and most recently the hit Series, "The Night Shift". Ricardo decided to try his hand at screen writing with his first feature length film, The Deadliest Gun which should be released in Theators in 2015. His Compan

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