Dexter Tillis was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was raised solely by a mother of three, who was supported primarily by government assistance. Tillis grew up in Greensburg, LA. There he determined that he would be an artist in some form at an early age. He was noted as a focused and goal-driven child; even at age 7, he could be found intently drawing for hours free-handedly capturing images on paper precisely as they appeared before him. At age 10, he decided that this was a means to generate income. To perfect his art, he created designs in the back of his relatives' heads. This outstanding work gave him a positive reputation throughout Greensburg. He was known as "the artist-barber drawing everything on ya' head." Like many teenagers, Tillis became distracted by guns, drugs, and automobiles; thereby, neglecting his long-term goals. This led him to the emergency room suffering from a gunshot wound. Tillis learned from his errors and quickly turned his life around. He retired the

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