First generation Egyptian born in Australian on 3rd June. Daughter of Omar and Nairman. Sara was a gifted Track and Field Athlete. Her standout talent as a your juvenile carried through as a teen. Her talent as a short distance and long distance runner lead her to be held in distinct caliber as a State Athletic Runner. The discipline, determination, and determination as a successful runner has with stood her person throughout her life and progresses continually within her attitude toward her future. Worked and studied through High School and eventually into a Diploma in Management, thus leading to a successfully owned and operated small business. Sara is an Actress and Voice Over in Australia and USA alike. Her many roles is ever increasing as she endeavours further into her passion of Acting. Best known for House of Lies 2015, Wild 2014, General Hospital 2014, The Castle 2014 and Bully 2013. Her Voice can also be heard on Australian Radio. From humble beginnings in Australia, She

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