Johnny Otto an Award-winning Writer/Director living in Los Angeles, CA. He has been featured in MovieMaker Magazine and runs his own Animation Company, Out Draw Animation. He's written for Netflix, PBS and others. Otto has completed over a dozen screenplays, TV Pilots and short films. He option his first feature-length script entitled Havoc to Producer Joel Silver when he was just 26. He attended University in Windsor, Ontario Canada, taught the Film Production Lab there for two semesters and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his creative interests. Johnny is known for his quirky and unique films, and for shooting in a loose, improvisational way, similar to the French cinéma vérité movement. Johnny Otto is also the Co-founder of The Hollywood Film Club with Katie Oliver. Credits include Netflix/PBS show "Human: The World Within" , The animated series "Zombies, Whatever" and Otto's most recent short film, "Moirai". Otto's first feature film was the zero budget, "Bruised", which rece

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