Classically trained in performing arts, Alex Knight graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BFA in theatre. Alex has spent the last 20 years directing, teaching and performing improv across the globe. After a successful stint with the Los Angeles improv community, he is now the artistic director of The Box Improv Theater in Albuquerque NM. Alex is a comedian and can be seen improvising in Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, or on the now dusty but still amazing, Enter the Dojo on Youtube. Despite his comedy chops, he continues getting work as a serious actor and you can see him play bad men in Preacher, Big Sky and Narcos Mexico. On the legitimate stage, he has performed original (devised) theater in countries around the world including Poland, Canada, Uganda, Ukraine, Colombia, Scotland and Serbia. In addition to performing, Alex Knight is a professional painter (mostly watercolors), amateur volleyball player and all around nice human.