Born and raised in Hawaii, Bobby was classically trained at the Mid-Pacific School of the Arts. He started his career at the turn of the century as part of the water team on Baywatch Hawaii. Moving to Los Angeles in 2001 Bobby's next step was to pursue was the goal of acting in feature films. After years working in the industry as an actor and stunt man, Bobby came to the realization that to create the things he was really passionate about he would have to take charge and do them himself. In 2009 he started work as a Producer with the goal of creating his own movies and TV. That lead to a steady stream of Television production and eventually to the world of television Casting. Now, Bobby thrives as a story builder and Casting Producer, finding incredible characters and telling their stories in multiple different media formats. Over the last 10 years, he has specialized in the romantic and competition aspect of Reality, Casting a wide variety of Relationship shows such as Married at Fir

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