George Tracy's career in the entertainment business really started around 1951 when he was asked to play the harmonica on one of Jimmy Walker's songs. Walker remembered that Tracy liked to drink and he was a nervous wreck because he wasn't allowed to touch alcohol during that sessions. Little did Tracy know, this was the beginning on a long and varied career in the entertainment industry. By the late 1950s, Tracy had developed a reputation as a reputable musician for various country music acts. He even managed to release a few individual records by himself. It was this time when Tracy started to appear in variety shows like The Bob Hope Show to showcase his ability with the harmonica. He traveled around played the harmonica whenever he was given the chance. During this time, wasn't steady for Tracy but through some friends, he was able to get into the Screen Extras Guild. Tracy's entrance into the Screen Extras Guild lead to a new source of income for Tracy. He was able to occasional

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