David Ury is an actor/comedian and writer/director best known for his recurring role in Breaking Bad (2008), where he was crushed by an ATM. He also recurs on Powers (2015) as coroner Dr. Death. A chameleon character actor, he plays a wide range of oddball characters in shows like Justified (2010), Community (2009), and Rob Zombie's film 31 (2016). He is the writer/director/producer of numerous viral videos including "What Kind of Asian are You?" which has gotten over 10 million views. He is the author of Everybody Dies: A Children's Book for Grown Ups published by HarperCollins. Raised in Sonoma, California and having began his acting career on Japanese television as the "zany Japanese-speaking foreigner," David learned to speak Japanese fluently while at college in Tokyo, and has translated over 150 books into English.