Introduced to most of the world in 2005 with the smash single "1 Thing," triple-threat actress / dancer / singer-songwriter-producer Ameriie continues to evolve. Amerie was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, to Mi Suk, a Korean-born artist, and Charles Rogers, an African-American military man. As a young girl, she lived in a variety of places, including South Korea, Germany, Texas and Alaska due to her father's US military career. Having to constantly adapt to new environments, she developed a very strong sense of self early on. She excelled in school, but also found a creative outlet in writing fiction and music. Ameriie went on to Georgetown University, where she earned a bachelors degree in English and Fine Arts/Design. After securing a record deal shortly after graduation, she released her debut album "All I Have" and, together with Richard A. Harrison, helped steer contemporary R&B away from synthetic sounds through the use of live, aggressive instrumentation and vocalization. Th

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