Member of the Spanish comic duo "Cruz y Raya", together with Juan Muñoz. They met in military service in 1985, and after leaving it they decided to go to Madrid in search of adventure, where they started their first show, known as '60 personajes en busca de humor' ('60 characters in search of humor'), imitating many famous people. This first show was very successful and soon they were given the opportunity to act at 'Caribiana', one of the most important night clubs in Madrid, where they performed until they got a contract with 'Windsor' hall on Gran Vía street, where they acted for two years, until they reached the honor of being the kings of independent humor. Later, they started their radio career, with several programs ('Viva la gente divertida' (Antena 3 channel), Luis del Olmo), and Javier Sardà, who made them known to a big audience). Hugo Stuven gave them the opportunity to make their debut on TV with a slot in the program _"Pero ¿esto que es?" (1989)_ (TVE channel). After this

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