Paola Núñez started acting when she was 12 years old. Seven years later she moved from her tiny town of Tecate, to Mexico City to begin her acting career. There she graduated from the acting school CEFAC. She immediately began working on day-time television serials, in commercial theater and feature films. In 2005, the role of Barbie Basterrica, a spoiled rich girl brought Paola international attention in her breakthrough lead role in "Amor en Costodia". The role was in large part developed and much of the dialogue even generated by Nuñez herself. Paola later admit that she was inspired by her take on high society girls in Mexico City. Her initial intention was to satire their obnoxious and selfish behavior. Paola was surprised when the fans embraced the character of Barbie. She was such a sensation that girls throughout Mexico began to dress and style their hair like her. Nuñez's career blossomed after that, playing leading roles in numerous television shows such as "Passion Morena"

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