Born in Edinburgh to Scottish parents, Gordon comes from a long line of talented musicians and performers, the most notable being the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. His Grandfather, George Milne was an important figure in Gordon's early childhood. Being a percussionist in both the BBC Scottish Symphony and the National Scottish Orchestras, he encouraged Gordon to follow the family tradition. Noticed by his drama teacher at school for clowning around, Gordon was encouraged to participate in school drama classes. At the age of eleven he first appeared on stage in the school production of Aladdin, which planted the seed for his passion in acting. Gordon also excelled at sports and at the age of eight, discovered martial arts. His physical ability led to him winning several British titles in Kung Fu and later on, to be selected as a member of the GB Wushu squad. After completing university he travelled to Beijing, China, and spent several years training and advancing his martial artist

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