Chris Fisher, also known as 'Fish', was born in Pasadena, 1971. He spent his childhood overseas before returning to California where he went to high school in Newport Beach. He attended USC for undergraduate and law school, then began his entertainment career in the William Morris training program. He wrote, produced, or directed three films in the Sundance Midnight Madness section, 'Taboo', Nightstalker', and 'Spun', establishing himself as an independent genre filmmaker. Over the next decade, he went on to make five more genre films, 'Hillside Strangler', 'Dirty', 'S.Darko', 'Street Kings Motor City', and 'Meeting Evil'. He started his career in television as a staff writer on, 'The Cleaner', before going on to direct and produce multiple television dramas for cable, streaming, and network. Fish has produced over 100 episodes of television, and directed more than 70. He has directed 5 of the top 40 episodes rated by fans on IMDB, all from 'Person Of Interest', including the highly ra

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