Cesar Garcia is an actor known for Breaking Bad, Fast & Furious 4, Cesar grew up in East Los Angeles, California in a predominantly Mexican American community. He was raised by his mother Mona, a single mom. Growing up in the "Hood" was tough. Cesar had to learn to fight at a very young age and was 5 years old when he first witnessed someone die. As a child, he was very poor and didn't have many resources. Not having or even knowing his biological father led him to look up to local gang members as role models. The desire to belong and lack of direction led him to hanging out with people who were up to 10 years older than him and he started getting into trouble. He was arrested before he hit puberty and joined the neighborhood gang soon after. That decision landed him into many correctional facilities, drug/alcohol abuse and countless visits to the trauma center. Living "La Vida Loca" took up his entire juvenile life. As a result, he never got a chance to experience high school or gradu

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