Oliver Theess grew up in Los Angeles, California. Growing up on both sides of the hill " The Hollywood Hills", that is. Living a jet set surfer lifestyle. Oliver has always excelled in sports. He has a championship under his belt for every sport he has ever competed in and sports team he has ever been apart of. At the age of 15, Oliver became a BMX national champion racer. In Track and Field, he has a Gold Medal record breaking time of 33 seconds in the 440, although it is unofficial, of course. From BMX, Oliver went on to compete in skateboarding and surfing events. Oliver Theess talents and creative ability attracted the attention of Hollywood producers and was offered parts in feature films at an early age, but did not take them. In his later teens, After studying television production and photography and Acting, Oliver Theess decided to start accepting work that was offered him in Hollywood. In just one week he had joined three Unions. He landed many bit acting parts and stunt perf

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