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Clayton Nemrow_peliplat

Clayton Nemrow

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Popularity: 1000+
Date of birth: 12/15/1965
City of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Clayton Maxwell Nemrow was born in Boston, Ma. to Richard M. Nemrow of Ukrainian Jewish descent and Carolyn Placak, of Czech, German and Scottish Episcopal descent. The marriage ended in divorce when he was 6 and he lived with his two siblings and father, who remarried some 5 years later. Before more children were brought into the house, the 3 Nemrow children were corralled by various nannies during the in between years. The children also spent a lot of time with their Grandparents in rural North Carolina. Clayton can still recall the boyhood moment when his spine tingled and his imagination was set alight during some long forgotten theatre production; the moment he'd found his calling. After performing in an off-Broadway production directed by Patricia Birch, (with a young Robert Downey Jr.) it was off to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, a dynamic time filled with muggings, theatre, maniacal teachers, cramped mischief, family tragedy and the usual array of experiments. Making a habit of choosing the hard way, Clayton ignored the advice of a Strasberg instructor to go to LA and eventually ran off to Europe with a production of 'HAIR" instead ...and stayed 18 years. It is only now after a belated arrival in LA in 2014, that he realizes he did, in fact, take the easy way. His credits, notwithstanding Int. productions with Kevin Spacey, the Wachowski Bros. and Roman Polanski, are at this point almost entirely European. He looks forward to changing that.

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