Shihomi Etsuko was born in the western city of Okayama in Japan. Her father worked at Japan's Mint responsible for manufacturing money. She has a younger brother. She is athletic since childhood and at junior high school was part of the track and field club. She was second in her prefecture in the Hurdle. Growing up she enjoyed the TV serial Kii Hantâ (featuring Chiba Shin'ichi) and aspired to similar feats. She would appear in several action and fantasy movies as a participant in Chiba Shinichi's Japan Action Enterprise agency alongside said actor. She had joined the club in 1972. She debuted in 1973. Her first main role came in the serial Onna Hissatsu Ken ('Sister Street Fighter') in 1974, which made her popular in her home country. She was also a singer in the seventies and eighties and the subject of several books and multiple magazine articles. She became an agent in 1985 by establishing a company called Hundred. She met Japanese singer-songwriter, and human rights' activist, Nag

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