Gary Weeks is currently best known as for his role as JJ's trouble-making father "Luke Maybank" on the hit Netflix series "Outer Banks." His credited career spans over 20 years, with over 150 film, TV, and commercial roles. Gary has played alongside many of his heroes along the way. Gary has also written, produced, and directed award-winning films that won over 100 awards. Gary was raised in rural Morris, GA, where he loved two things: Movies and Basketball (and won two state championships in high school). He started writing & filming short films at an early age, but didn't truly discover acting until late in his college tour. Gary studied at colleges including his beloved University of Georgia. As he tried to focus on school, he moved around to other colleges (Brevard College, Georgia Southwestern, and Georgia State) until he finally gave into his passion for the film industry and moved to Los Angeles. He studied acting in L.A., but quickly found that his favorite training was on-s

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