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Errol Trotman-Harewood_peliplat

Errol Trotman-Harewood

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Popularity: 1000+
Date of birth: 01/25/1955
City of birth: New Amsterdam, USA

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Errol Trotman Harewood, a born British native of Guyana, South America, developed a passion for the arts very early in life. His playing career though, began at age nine as a drummer in the local Militia Band. It was there his first musical training began under the direction of Mr. Randolph Bennet a former Military Band Master until 1967. He thereafter reunited with his Mother in England. His musical training continued in England, and on joining the British Army in 1971, he qualified as a drummer/percussionist. A year of intensive academic training in London at Knellar Hall in 1978 secured him a certified performer and professional musician. While stationed with the British forces in Germany, Errol integrated himself as an active musician and tutor. His tour of duty with the British Army ended, Errol resided in Bremen where his means of keeps was in performance, tutoring and as a theatrical stage drummer. He also directed big bands and co-founded ensembles playing everything from jazz and R&B, to funk, blues and even avant-guard music. Errol's dream transformed when he was discovered by Siemen Ruehaak a reputable theatre director who directed his debut lead role as Alboury the protagonist in B.M. Coltes political drama Blacks Battles with Dogs. "It was a grueling but life changing experience", he says. "One that I will always treasure." His break into films came in 1998 in the action thriller Straight Shooter. This was also the director's debut. Since then his diversity as an actor has taken him to diverse and remarkable places; South Africa, Morocco, London, Tenerife, also a variety of roles; a Touareg Guard, Cowboy, Head scientist, a blind assailant, all of which he treasures as a performing Artist never to abandon. Errol played the leading role of the world premiere of a new Frank Sinatra Bioplay entitled Frank Sinatra...a musical journey. Seen through the eyes of his valet of 15 years. He resides in Berlin Germany, the heart of Europe.

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