Beautiful, smoky-voiced platinum blonde Mady Rahl was the 'Sportsmädel' of the German cinema in the 1930's and 40's. During the war years, she was touted in Nazi propaganda as an ideal of Germanic femininity. Her association with members of the regime, including the ever roving-eyed Joseph Goebbels, damaged her career in the aftermath of World War II. Nonetheless, she would reemerge in the 1950's as a more versatile actress, if not a bigger star. Mady Rahl was strong-willed and had a commanding, almost aristocratic air about her. Most of all, she possessed that quality called pizzazz. From her early teens, Mady was determined to seek a career in the performing arts. In the process, she financed her expensive acting (at the Ilka Grüning School) and dance classes by doing secretarial work (being an adept typist and stenographer). Rumour has it, that she got her start on the stage (in Leipzig) without having to sit for an audition. Her looks and comportment seemed entirely sufficient. Fi

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