Luther Raymond Vestergard was born 2 December 1902 in Chicago, Illinois to Christian Vestergard and Maytha Heckel. Growing up in Chicago, Luther attended local schools. Upon graduating, Luther moved to Los Angeles California where he attended the University of Southern California. At the same time he worked as an assistant deputy probation officer so he could pay his way through college. Luther would move on to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts to study law. Luther was only able to complete 2 years before running out of money. Returning to Los Angeles in 1926, Luther started acting, working under the stage name of Paul Power. Initially he appeared in 2 reel silent comedies based on the "Winnie Winkle, the Bread Winner" comic strip. The vast majority of his appearances during his career were in a number of supporting and minor roles that extended the rest of his life (over 40 years) taking his career from the days of silent films through the golden age of movies to televis

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