Branimir Popovic was the minister of culture in montenegrin goverment with PM Filip Vujanovic, from 2000 to 2003. Before that, he was director of City theatre Podgorica (capital of Montenegro), and now he is director of Montenegrin national theatre (MNT). Branimir Popovic made his best roles in theatre, like Bishop Danilo in "Gorski vijenac" ("Mountain wrath")- Petar II Petrovic Njegos, directed 1997 by Bransilav Micunovic (artistic director of MNT), Dr. Soc in "Princeza Ksenija od Crne Gore" (Princess Ksenija of Montenegro) directed 1997 by Radmila Vojvodic, Rodion Romanovic Raskolnikov in "Zlocin i kazna" (Crime and punishment), directed 1998 by Egon Savin, Celestino in "Montenegrini", directed 1998 by Radmila Vojvodic, in trilogy "Requiem of the 20th century", made of "Electra", "Don Juan is coming back from war" and "Party time", Popovic made role of Don Juan, directed by Radmila Vojvodic, 2000, "Nora" directed 2000. by Branislav Micunovic, Nil in Maxim Gorki's "Petit bourgeoisie",

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