Raised in a small town on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Greg Pitts graduated from the University Of South Florida in 1992 with a degree in Theatre. Touring state fairs and carnivals in a tractor trailer, performing as the MC/Stuntman of a Wild West Stunt Show, he began to desire a more prominent stage. Greg found just that when he moved to Los Angeles in '94 and began training on the stage of the renowned sketch comedy/improv troupe: The Groundlings. There he trained as a performer and writer for the next three years. Armed with these newly polished skills Greg co-created/co-wrote the critically acclaimed live sketch comedy smash "Smooth Down There" in Los Angeles. It was in '97 when his performances in that show caught the attention of agents and managers, leading to more substantial opportunities. Pitts immediately landed starring roles opposite Damon Wayans on the FOX TV show "Damon" and soon after as John Goodman's son on the FOX comedy "Normal, Ohio." It didn't take long before his

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