A versatile actor who shines in everything from straight drama to black comedy, John Pirruccello's Everyman appeal allows him to inhabit an intriguing and diverse array of characters on both stage and screen. Born in San Antonio, Texas, John is the son of an Air Force fighter pilot father and speech pathologist mother. Both of John's grandfathers were Air Force fighter pilots and World War II veterans. His paternal grandfather flew numerous missions in the B-27 Flying Fortress; his maternal grandfather, also a test pilot, was one of the first to fly the P-51 and once transported the Bell X-1 Glamorous Glennis to Edwards Air Force Base with Chuck Yeager as his co-pilot. John's father, an A-1 Sandy pilot, was shot down and killed during the Vietnam War. His mother subsequently moved John and his sister to Northern Virginia to be near her parents and then later to Westminster West, Vermont, where she raised her children on her own. John graduated from University of Massachusetts at Amhe

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