Raquel Meller was born in Tarazona, Zaragoza, Aragón (Spain) from a very poor family. Since her parents could not afford her education she was sent to live with an aunt who was a nun at a convent. At age 12 she returned with her parents who were then residing in Barcelona and shortly after began working as a seamstress in a shop that catered to many show business personalities. In 1907 she left the shop to start singing "cuplés" ("couplets") using the name "La Bella Raquel". Although these songs were considered indecent and were initially performed in venues attended by men only, Raquel with her beauty and charismatic presence raised the "cuplé" genre to a more respectable art making it acceptable to families. After a love affair with a German named Moeller, Raquel adopted his last name changing it to Meller to make it sound Spanish. The quality of her voice was a source of debate, but for her fans and theater-goers in general Meller could do no wrong. "Raquel Meller is a genius." exc

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