A Greek immigrant, John Marlin immigrated to the United States in the 1920s and quickly found work as a waiter at a restaurant. During this time, Los Angeles was a small community and films were starting to increase in popularity so like many other actors, Marlin started working in the background in silent films in the 1920s. Since he looked like your typical Italian, Marlin began appearing in movies that had your little Italian town setting and he found a niche as a waiter. The biggest problem for Marlin was that there were already people who were established as waiters and they were the ones who usually got upgraded to silent bits or dialog. By the 1950s, Marlin's luck started to turn around because many of those very people who were his competition were starting to retire so he started to receive better roles and would constantly interact with the main characters. The wide variety of movies at the time enabled Marlin to venture into roles that weren't open to him in the earlier ye

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