Unlike a lot of eras, Alan Marston came from an affluent family where his grandfather owned wool mills. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to get accepted to and to graduate from Harvard. He drifted into work as a publicist for a branch of RKO studios in New England. It wasn't until he appeared in a season of summer stock that Marston developed an interest in acting. By the mid-1940s, Marston came to California to follow his dreams of becoming an actor. He turned down work as an illustrator for Walt Disney studios because he wanted to follow his dream of acting. Like a lot of people of the studio era, Marston's good looks earned him a contract through Fox studios and later Warner Brothers where they tried to put him in bit roles. He worked regularly for Fox but he never quite achieved the success that he had hoped for. During the 1950s, Marston decided to work regularly as a stand-in and as an extra for studios. This allowed him to pay his bills while also allowing him to

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