Robert Mangiardi is a New York actor who came from a family of 9 children. His father was a prominent NY heart surgeon. His first acting venture was a high school play, "The Apple Tree", a musical where he played the role of Adam and admits he did it to meet it's leading lady, Janet Murphy, who later went on to become Vice President of Casting for ABC TV in New York. He did not attempt to act again until he came to Los Angeles in his mid-thirties and attended an acting class with famed Hollywood director Daniel Mann. Danny could be brutal in his comments to his students but the very first scene Robert put up was greeted by such a complimentary response from Danny that the actor cried on the spot-he had finally found his calling. His very first TV job was a recalling role on the famed CBS series, "Wiseguy", which starred the late Ray Sharkey and Ken Wahl. Guest Star roles on other network shows such as "Murder She Wrote", "Midnight Caller " and "Jake and the Fat Man" quickly followed. R

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