Adela Noriega was born in Mexico City on October 24th 1969. Her father died, and she was left alone with her mother, a two-year elder sister and a younger brother. She started in the telenovela "Juana Iris" when she was 15 and also in the TV show "Chacun Chacun". She starred in a video-clip of Lucia Mendez - "Corazon de fresa". In 1987 she starred in Yesenia (1987) and then immediately works with Thalia in _"Quinceanera" (1987)_. After these two successes she went to the USA where she starred in Guadalupe (1993). In 1995 she went to Columbia where she starred in _"Maria Bonita" (1995)_. In 1997 she came back to Mexico where she starred in _"Maria Isabel" (1997)_. This role and the one that followed (El privilegio de amar (1998)) brought her the TV y Novelas prize for the best young lead actress.