One of the few people in the film industry that was born and raised in Los Angeles, this local boy had Hollywood in his backyard growing up. So, it was no surprise when he made up his mind at an early age to pursue a job in the film industry. While working as a manager at a wine shop during college at Los Angeles City College. Victor's luck arrived. Selling a great bottle of wine to a repeat customer turned out to be his ticket in. The customer, of course, turned out to be a television producer, who in turn hired him the next week after seeing his reel and resume. That first job as a production assistant proved to be an invaluable experience and went on to be an Assistant Coordinator, Transportation Captain, Gaffer, Key Grip, Video Engineer, Sound Mixer, and Camera Assistant. At the same time, he was polishing his skills as both a Director and Cameraman. Victor's vast credits as a director/cameraman are a tribute to his genuine enthusiasm and love of the industry. He has worked on feat

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