Tall, massively built, imposing-looking blond Gordon Mitchell (early on dubbed the "The Bronze Giant") was one of those perfectly developed bodybuilders who jumped on the Steve Reeves bandwagon and hightailed it to Italy to seek movie stardom as a Herculean strongman. Born Charles Allen Pendleton in Denver, Colorado on July 29, 1923, and raised in Inglewood, California, Mitchell served in WWII and, at one point, became a prisoner of war at the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, Gordon went to USC in Los Angeles under the G.I. bill and became a high school teacher and guidance counselor. A fitness nut with an incredible physique, he soon became part of the Venice, California "Muscle Beach" crowd and it took over. He literally flexed his way into the entertainment business as part of Mae West's musclebound revue. He toured everywhere with Ms. West from Las Vegas to the Latin Quarter with other "abs"normal actor wannabes Mickey Hargitay, Brad Harris and Reg Lewis. In between, Gordon obs

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