Born in Hackensack, New Jersey, Tom Kiesche grew up in a household of seven, a tall, awkward target of school bullies until discovering the comradery of weight rooms and the self-discipline of Okinawa-Te Karate. A multi-sport athlete throughout college, he graduated with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. His life changed one electric evening when Kiesche followed a whim and walked into a Theatre Sports improv comedy show. This experience lit a long-dormant fuse, and within a month he was on stage with that same company. His presence did not go unnoticed, and local directors were soon approaching him for more serious roles, impressed by what they saw in the tall, muscular man, with classic good looks and impeccable comedic timing. As a gift to himself on his twenty-fifth birthday, Kiesche gave notice to the Fortune 500 company he was working for and moved from New Haven to New York City, joined the award-winning troupe Mission Improvable and honed his skills working Off-Broa

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