Paul began performing as a mime at the age of 15. He later studied fine arts and film making. After being cast as the lead in the play "Dracula", he set his sites on acting. In 1992 Paul landed the starring role in the Canadian Cult classic Road to Saddle River (1994). Paul has since had a number starring and guest starring roles in both film and television playing opposite such stars as Malcolm McDowell of A Clockwork Orange (1971) fame as deputy Everett in The Barber (2002), and as supporting lead in the comedy The Foursome (2006) directed by William Dear and starring Kevin Dillon from the hit show "Entourage", and appeared in the J.J. Abrams critically acclaimed series Fringe (2008). Paul has also worked internationally in And the Sea Will Tell (1991), starring Richard Crenna shot in Tahiti and in the horror film And the Sea Will Tell (1991) filmed in Japan. He also co-starred in After All These Years (2013) with Wendie Malick.