Author and former Rolling Stone editor Kurt Loder is MTV News' Anchor. As MTV's chief news correspondent, his responsibilities include celebrity interviews, in-depth coverage of the music scene and writing and reporting the MTV News updates seen each hour. Loder is the host of MTV News 1515, MTV's weekly program that takes a look at music, entertainment and pop culture issues. He also anchored "Week In Rock" and "MTV News Presents," a weekly showcase for MTV News special programming. He also hosts numerous MTV News specials covering a wide array of subjects relevant to young people, including "Straight Dope," "Hate Rock," "The Cult Question," and "Smashed." Raised in New Jersey, Loder lived in Europe for several years, working as a journalist and, occasionally, a musician. Returning to the States, he wound up as an editor at Circus Magazine in the late seventies, and in 1979, moved to Rolling Stone. (Much of his other work for that magazine is featured in Rolling Stone Interviews Of Th

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