Iain Lee is a British TV and radio personality. He graduated in performing arts from Middlesex University. Although he is mainly known for his work presenting, he has acted in both sitcoms and sketch shows. He is well-liked by popular British comedian Bob Mortimer who has cast him in "Monkey Trousers (2000)" and "Tittybangbang (2005)" and he has also acted alongside Adam Buxton in "The Persuasionists (2010)". Between 1998 and 2000, he presented Channel 4's tri-weekly rude comedy programme, "The 11 O'Clock Show (1998)", where every night he would go out on the street and interview people about their views on cloning Princess Diana, and other such bizarre subjects. He is also well known for presenting Channel 4 shows "RI:SE (2002)" and "Thumb Bandits (2001)", appearing on "Big Brother: UK (2000)" spin-off shows including "Big Brother's Little Brother (2001)" and "Big Brother's Bit on the Side (2011)", as well as reviewing the morning newspapers on "Sky News: Sunrise (1989)" and "This M

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