Raised by Czech parents in America, Mark Kubr was taught to be disciplined in arts, culture, athletics and religion. Kubr's unique world-view gives him a talent for maintaining lasting friendships with people from diverse cultures. His career began just out of high school. While bagging groceries at the local market, an actress neighbor told Mark he had what it takes for entertainment and drove him to her agency in Los Angeles. Kubr signed with the agent and immediately began working as a print model and commercial actor, booking campaigns for Marlboro, Versace, Gucci and Ralph Lauren traveling the world. He always brought his cameras with him to build his photography portfolio. His photography has been published in Vogue, Cosmopolitain and Bride magazines. He continued modeling and acting while pursuing his education after being awarded a full athletic scholarship. His acting and athletic ability was a perfect fit for stuntwork. Kubr is Mickey Rourke's stunt double. Where some men

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